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Quickly see how your website looks on various devices and screen sizes.


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We are faced with such a striking diversity of devices and resolutions these days, that it is quickly getting impractical, if not impossible, to design different versions of a website for each new invention.

The solution of this problem is responsive design, which suggests that the visual elements of a website should respond to the user’s behavior and provide the most optimal user experience based on the screen size and the platform of the user’s device.

Nearly everyone wants a website that will be compatible with with all screen resolutions, which is why responsive design has caught on among web designers and web developers. When designing and developing a website, you obviously want to see what it is going to look like on different devices.

The best way to check your website’s responsiveness is to use one of responsive design testers available online. Our responsive design checker does its task very well: it lets you see exactly how the visual content of your website responds to different screen resolutions. The way this tool works is more than simple. All you have to do is to type in your website’s URL in the form above, click the GO button, and then select any of the supported devices.

Bear in mind that our responsive web design checker can’t show how different technologies work within your website, so unfortunately, there isn't a way you can use it to check things like video players or Flash.

Our responsive design tester shouldn’t be a substitute for the actual device simulation. It is designed to help you and your clients test the behavior of the visual content of your website throughout various types of devices. Oh, and did we mention that our mobile responsive design checker is 100% free?

More about FreezePro Software

FreezePro Software is a custom offshore development and outsourcing company headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine and London, UK. FreezePro Software was established in 2006 by a small team of young and ambitious IT specialists. We were new on the market, but quality has been our main priority from the very beginning. Since then we have worked with customers from all over the world and helped them achieve their business goals using our software solutions. FPS provides full IT outsourcing services nearshore in Ukraine, Eastern Europe.

At FreezePro Software all stages and processes of software development are organized in a way so that the final product is outstanding. We work within a well-defined framework to make sure we meet the deadlines at all times. Commitment to quality has always been at the core of company policy, and we are devoted to living up to customers’ expectations and meeting all of their requirements. We know that clients’ success depends on the quality of our work, so we try to excel ourselves every time. FreezePro's Outsourcing Software developers deliver high quality services and thus ensures long-term cooperation with partners.

We are convinced that communication is the key to success of any project, so we put strong emphasis on ensuring complete freedom of communication within the company and with clients.

FPS's team is made up by dedicated professionals with strong IT backgrounds. We collaborate and support each other to maximize our performance and grow individually as well as a team. Our team spirit is a huge source of inspiration and empowerment. We are strong supporters of continuous education, which is why our team members are provided with professional training and other additional resources to help them enhance their knowledge and skills.

Our geographical location is yet another advantage with IT outsourcing to Ukraine. Being located in Eastern Europe, we are able to keep our rates low without compromising the high quality of our products. Additionally, Lviv is Ukraine’s second largest IT hub, and it makes a highly competitive and an extremely stimulating environment for software development.

Innovation drives the world of IT, which is why FPS nearshore web development software outsourcing company is always open for new and exciting ideas. We constantly monitor and analyze the IT market to make sure we are one step ahead. We love challenges, because they give us a chance to grow. This is what makes FreezePro Software special.

We believe that satisfied customers are our biggest asset. We have managed to build and sustain a lot of long-lasting partnerships. It took us a while to earn our good reputation, and now we simply can’t let our clients down. Their trust and satisfaction are why we keep working as hard as ever to deliver unrivaled quality at affordable rates. FreezePro Software solutions are your surefire way to reach your business objectives.