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Xamarin Benefits

  • Cross platform development in C#
  • Native UI development
  • Reuse of existing .NET libraries
  • Visual Studio as well as
    Xamarin Studio

FPS Achievements

  • Efficient investment
  • Platform specific knowledge
  • Following mobile best practices
  • Number of platform

What we have done with xamarin

Freezepro software xamarin expertise

<span>50+</span> Developers

50+ Developers

<span>30+</span> Clients

30+ Clients

<span>50+</span> Projects

50+ Projects

Our methodology

We focus our methodology by first defining a project through comprehensive evaluation and development analysis. We follow the Outsourcing Project Management Process as it is transparent and efficient for our clients. We monitor the development process and note concerns throughout the entire process, both from our end and from the customer.

FreezePro Software’s methodology combines the dynamic pace and detailed scope of which software projects often demand. We are focused on developing the right products using the right technologies delivered on time and on budget, all this while ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied.

Project Lifecycle - Determining and fulfilling your needs

The project lifecycle begins with FreezePro Software’s core team collaborating with the client's developers and business analysts. Our Team cooperates with the client’s software developers and analysts to determine functionality and specifications of the final software product.

The project is developed in various phases. The functionality is developed and delivered in stages. In such a way, we ensure that the risks are identified and eliminated during the early stages and further counter measures are implemented in a better way. This reduces the possibility of estimation errors by getting regular feedback.

Xamarin structor

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Xamarin Structor
Xamarin technology is a powerful tool that is widely used for the development of diverse mobile applications for Android, iOS and other popular platforms. Today, Xamarin is a number one choice for a great number of mobile apps developers and FreezePro Software specialists are not an exception. Cross-platform development with Xamarin allows building apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that look and feel native to each target platform.

FreezePro Software Xamarin Development company has a devoted team of skilled developers having an ample experience of creating outstanding cross - platform mobile applications. Every product is created in accordance with the particular requirements of every client. With FreezePro Software you will discover all the benefits of using Xamarin for iOS and Android mobile apps development. We guarantee the development of a flawless product, tailored to your specific needs.

The advantages of using Xamarin for Android and iOS mobile development are numerous, which is proven by the number of popular apps created with this powerful cross-platform development tool. To keep step with a constantly evolving technology, our software development company uses only the most popular and efficient application development frameworks. This allows us delivering superior Xamarin development services and top-rate custom software solutions.

FreezePro Software knows how to fulfill the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of custom software development services and guarantee a timely delivery of your product.