Research & Development

Research & Development

Backbone of the success of any company is ultimately speed-to-market with consistent quality and innovation. Being at the top of the game today is determined by increased productivity and having the right partners to help you realize your business objectives.
FreezePro Software understands your needs, offering end-to-end solutions and the right mix of in-depth domain and technology expertise.

Customer-focused world-class R&D

At FreezePro Software we have a strong advantage in R&D. We believe that R&D is not only about scientific researches, but software development that requires creativity and strong skills in adjacent domains as well.

Our R&D outsourcing is cost effective. But the primary driver of outsourcing of your R&D to FreezePro Software is the availability of highly-educated intellectual capital. This allows you to utilize state-of-the-art technology and products to business and consumer markets.

Our starting point is strategy discussion with your organization to learn the purpose of the change you have in mind-your vision and your challenges in attaining it.

Expertise makes us a one-stop shop

Historically Ukraine belongs to a group of countries which produce space rockets, atomic power-plants, and airplanes, as well as hardware and software for them. As a result, we have complex R&D, design and development tasks successfully implemented.

Ukraine has a 98% literacy rate. Here we have more than 950 universities and colleges. 87% of high school graduates are getting higher education. Of those, 35% study at information technology related disciplines. Presently, in Ukraine there are more than 39 educational institutions that maintain more than 15 IT related programs.

In addition to our internal knowledge and deliverse theams, we complement our R&D efforts with R&D resources of Ukrainian Universities.

Customer-focused world-class R&D

You will immediately notice benefits:

  • We provide you with the best experts in the field
  • We give you access to the very latest knowledge
  • Get hold of the absolutely latest technology
  • Acquire a professional partner for development, functional ties and research organizations
FreezePro Software is here to enable your technology vision and actualize tomorrow’s market opportunities.