Business Analysis and Optimization

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Business Analysis and Optimization

The importance of Business Analysis (BA) for software development is usually underestimated. However, the development of serious and complex projects will be more effective with a comprehensive business analysis.

FreezePro Software offers an advanced business analysis approach that is highly praised by our customers. This approach allows developing agile software solutions that incorporate legacy systems and are in line with modern trends. FreezePro Software has an experienced team of analysts who will redound to your success in the following ways:
  • Scoping the system. After a comprehensive research of the initial vision of your project, our business analysts will turn your ideas into a ready-to-use plan, that contains business or user workflows and current software requirements.
  • Comprehensive documentation. Developers will get a detailed information about the project development, containing your requirements and expectations. This guarantees the development of the software solution in compliance with your demands.

Business analysis of IT projects is a complex process that includes several essential steps, like determining the basic challenges of a project, identifying the needs of potential users, as well finding the most effective solutions to these challenges. This process is an integral part of an efficient software development that allows creating solutions pursuant to actual market requirements and specific needs of a particular business or user.

Savvy FreezePro Software customers realize the importance of IT business analysis and its proper implementation. To make sure that the software will fulfill their requirements and needs of every user, many of them turn to our business analysts for the analysis of software requirements. If necessary, our business analysts can work with you onsite. Such approach enables understanding your business and its requirements a lot better and therefore making a more comprehensive analysis.

There are a few valuable advantages of getting analysis executed by our BAs. These advantages include:
  • Lower level risk of misunderstanding and miscommunication between the development team and the ordering party.
  • Possibility to deliver the development documentation to any software development team.
  • Ability to reduce costs necessary for code changes that might be needed at the later stages of development.
  • Reduced costs of bugs fixing.