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Being originally created by Facebook, ReactJS is now used by a lot of different sites, apps, and companies such as Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo, Dropbox, and many others. The number of projects that choose ReactJS as their framework is constantly increasing.

ReactJS is an open-source library maintained by Facebook, Instagram, and the community of independent developers.

Why build with React

ReactJS is a perfect solution for large applications that involve data changes over time. It allows the developers to break up a site, an app, or a particular feature into smaller separate components that can be upgraded and used later.

This splitting up facilitates the development process and benefits the end product. In terms of development, you can create a more flexible architecture that will be adjustable to any further changes, will ensure more efficient collaboration between the developers, and accelerate the launch of a product.

There is a tendency towards choosing in favor of ReactJS among the developers and customers. Since a large percentage of big projects is now being built using ReactJS, we also apply it to many of our current projects.

Web apps with React

With ReactJS we can build web apps for different customers, be it large, medium, or small enterprises. Apart from being highly scalable, it can operate in the presence of faults and be applied to any project.

Mobile apps with React Native

Facebook also introduced the React Native framework for building native mobile apps. Now, it’s possible to create iOS and Android apps using the previous React web development experience. With React Native your mobile apps have the same level of performance (speed, functionality, and native look) as with the web apps.

React Native has combined HTML and JavaScript to allow ReactJS engineers to write reusable code. It means that when there is a need to upgrade or enlarge the existing apps, the developers can reuse the React components without rewriting the code. Thus, React Native allows the developers to build quality apps in an efficient way.

The advantages of apps built with ReactJS

Perfect technology is the one that makes the development process easy and fast benefiting both the developers and customers. Building with ReactJS you get the following:

Advantages of ReactJS

  • High-performance websites
  • Constantly enhancing functionality
  • A possibility to go mobile using the React Native platform
  • Reduced impact of one component on the entire application
  • Easy support since the website is split into reusable components
  • Search friendly web applications

Key ReactJS development services

  • ReactJS front-end services for both large and small businesses as well as startups
  • ReactJS UI/UX development