SaaS Application Development

Successfully accomplished several SaaS projects that are highly praised by our customers. Our experienced and devoted developers will put best leg foremost to provide you with an outstanding solution tailored to your specific needs.

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These days, more and more businesses prefer to use cloud-based software instead of the applications and software that need to be installed and maintained. In the Saas (Software as a Service) delivery model, applications are hosted by a vendor and made available to customers over the Internet. FreezePro Software offers its SaaS ua service to help SaaS vendors and service providers deliver their applications to their clients in the best way. Your cooperation with FreezePro Software team will look like a 5-step cycle:

1. Initial estimations and service quantification.

At the initial stage, the team of FreezePro Software will answer all your questions related to making your application available for multiple customers as a service. This transformation will be analyzed from both technical and business perspectives. As a result, you’ll get a professional opinion on the expediency of the project. If the service is worth developing, its functionality will be determined.

2. Architecture definition.

At the next step, the application service architecture will be defined taking into account the approximate transaction volume, security requirements, and functionality. The FreezePro Software team will collaborate with you to answer all your questions in order to make sure the architecture is efficient for the current solution and keeps working as the transaction volume grows. FreezePro Software has the experience of working with the open source architectures as well as Microsoft platforms.

3. Identification of features and functions.

On-demand applications differ from the installed applications in functionality. At this step, the questions of functionality are further elaborated and the plan of the initial and ongoing operations, as well as IT and customer support, is devised.

4. Application development.

This stage comprises initial and further development. During the initial development stage, the new system will be designed, developed, and tested with your participation in the processes. Following the Agile development rules, FreezePro Software considers constant interaction with customers to be of the utmost importance.

Each application needs to be further developed in order to help the company compete with others. Only a dedicated team that knows all ins and outs of your application and the strategy of your company can help you deliver the best service and increase the efficiency of your application. You are the one who decides on the team structure and indicates the level of interaction with them. You can choose the best FreezePro Software employees to work for you.

5. Support and maintenance.

To ensure proper functioning of your service application FreezePro Software team will provide you with all necessary support. First of all, they will find a reliable hosting firm, negotiate the type of server and server support the most appropriate for you, and work directly with that firm to load your application and make it available to your customers. Apart from this, they will load all the necessary software and tools to support your application. They will also take care of the monthly maintenance which includes backups of your application in case of contingency or for disaster recovery. On average, from 5 to 8 hours a month is required for the remote IT support.

As to customer support, initially, you will need one person who will provide support via live chat and email. The level of customer support is usually determined during your collaboration with the team at step 3 of this cycle. You can always review the effectiveness of customer support in terms of quality and quantity and make necessary changes. Later you may want to add new features to your application such as inbound calls to provide better customer support. Also, you may need to involve both onshore and offshore resources. As your services functions, software maintenance will be needed together with customer support. It will watch over the required instant changes and keep track of the requests for future changes. In close cooperation with you, the FreezePro Software team will devise a system and methodology for monitoring changes.

SaaS Application Development With FreezePro Software

At FreezePro Software we have successfully accomplished several SaaS projects that are highly praised by our customers. Our experienced and devoted developers will put best leg foremost to provide you with an outstanding solution tailored to your specific needs. We’ll help you avail all advantages of using this innovative cloud technology, so that you could quickly propel your business to the next level. 

SaaS allows reducing operating costs, concentrating on core business, increasing user productivity and offers a myriad of other benefits that will help make business development more efficient.  If you you are interested in implementing SaaS, have any question or ideas, feel free to contact us anytime and we’ll eagerly help you. 

FreezePro Software offers top-notch SaaS application development services that offer our customers the following benefits:

Security: We guarantee each SaaS user the highest level of security, as well as reliable backup and recovery services. 

Reduced Implementation Time: Since network infrastructure, hardware and software work via the Web, SaaS users can see the first results within just a few weeks.

Increased Workforce Activity: Since everything you need is on the cloud and is easily accessible, SaaS subscribers can soon notice a significant increase of workforce activity and collaboration.

Reduced Costs: A number of studies have proven that the use of an on-demand software solution is almost 50% cheaper in comparison to the implementation and use of an on-premise solution. 

Core Business: Instead of focusing on IT, companies using SaaS can pay a greater attention to their core business.