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<span>Sitefinity Development</span>

Why Sitefinity Development is important

Gone are the days when site owners and editors added content in an old fashioned way, i.e. embedded text into html or php code. In fact, ~10 years ago, only IT savvy people could manage websites. Even small changes required minimal HTML and CSS knowledge. People started creating their own content management systems to let ordinary users manage their websites. Some of those CMS were just ugly, others were buggy or very difficult to understand.

Benefits of using CMS for your projects:

  • User friendly. You may find a great writer, editor or content manager who will easily add contents and perform minor modifications of design, pages layout etc. a good CMS makes it incredibly easy to customize things even for people with no HTML, CSS or PHP knowledge. New site header? Easy! Customize a footer? No problem at all! Add social buttons to your site? It’s 3 clicks!
  • WYSIWYG. Format your text, embed images and videos, apply custom styles. No HTML knowledge needed. It’s just like using Google Docs.
  • Extendibility. All modern CMS work great out of the box. However, it does not mean you cannot extend them with plugins (third party of self made). So, if you miss something in the default functionality, there’s always a chance to find an Open Source plugin that will help you.
  • SEO friendly. Making your site SEO friendly with a modern CMS is fun! It is easy to add all SEO descriptions and keywords, work with robots.txt, generate sitemaps.
  • Analytics. Integration with Google Analytics is quite easy, since there is no need to copy and paste chunks of JavaScript in site header or footer. Plugins will do it for you.
  • Workflow management. Admins can control how content is published, i.e. let users save drafts, review and publish them. It makes easy for contributors to submit their content.
  • Portability. Once can backup a site and restore it elsewhere without tedious admin work. DBs and static pages are backed up by special plugins.

What open source CMS are popular these days?

  • WordPress is a leader here with whopping 67%. This CMS has the biggest community ever and thousands of plugins (free and paid).
  • Joomla is a runner up with 12%. It is PHP based like WordPress.
  • Drupal closes the trinity of the most popular open source CMS with 7%.
  • The rest of the market is equally shared between other CMS.
<span>Sitefinity Development</span>

Sitefinity CMS and its perks

Sitefinity is an emerging star in the world of CMS. With such customers as BBC, Kia or Nestle, the system keeps conquering the market. It is extremely user friendly, 100% WYSIWYG, stable and scalable.

Unlike similar systems and platforms Sitefinity CMS offers not merely a content management toolbox which is great by the way. Apart of a content management CMS Sitefinity offers a digital e-commerce plugin, experience management tools, integration with a variety of 3rd party tools, enterprise deployment system with a handy multi-site management platform and what not.

Unlike most of CMS that are written in PHP, Sitefinity uses ASP.NET. This is a Microsoft framework that is incredibly popular which means there’s a huge community out there.

Sitefinity has a Developer tools plugin with everything a developer need to extend and change the platform. This makes customization easy especially with App builder or UI builder that are offered out of the box.

BENEFITS for Developers

  • Based on .NET Technologies
  • Supports MVC and Razor
  • Quickly Define Custom Data
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Fully Exposed API
  • Includes the Telerik Toolset


  • Manage Multiple Websites
  • Synchronize Deployment Environments
  • Leverage Cloud Technologies
  • Seamlessly Integrated Security
  • Put Your Workflows to Work
  • Cost-Effective

BENEFITS for Marketers

  • Create and Refine Email Campaigns
  • Maximize Impact with Social Media
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Target Your Message with Personalization

BENEFITS for Designers

  • Naturally Mobile Friendly
  • Personalize for Each Visitor
  • Design Layouts Effortlessly
  • Preserves Your Design