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TIBCO Spotfire® data visualization and analytics software helps you quickly uncover insights for better decision-making

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TiBCO Spotfire Development

TiBCO Spotfire

Every business owner, as well as investor, wants to know how well the business is developing. To have a clear vision of how do things stand, it is crucial having accurate and up-to-date data. This is where business intelligence and data visualization tools come into play. These tools have significantly evolved over the recent years. Today, these are not just charts and graphs with basic metrics, these are intelligent software solutions that allow companies achieving strategic goals a lot faster.

One of the leading BI and data visualization tools available in the market today is TiBCO Spotfire. This powerful platform provides ready-to-use solutions for a great number of industries. Not that Spotfire just offers platforms that help business professionals track major KPIs but there are ready to use templates specifically designed for particular industries like energy, manufacturing, financial services etc.

The 3 solutions of TiBCO Spotfire will suit needs of both individuals and organizations. At that, the company has desktop and web based solutions.Moving apps to the cloud is a huge trend these days, so Spotfire is available as a cloud app that you may access from any device. Spotfire platform is recommended for organizations while Spotfire desktop is an excellent choice for individual professionals, independent business consultants etc.

It is not only data that TiBCO Spotfire analyzes, although Big Data is what the platform mainly focuses on. For example, Spotfire can analyze content, for instance emails to customers. It can be very helpful in identifying quality of customer service and get values for such KPIs as customer satisfaction, customer retention. Other technologies include event analytics, location analytics, predictive analytics.

Spotfire products are built using the latest technologies so both UI and the engine are efficient, visually appealing and extremely user-friendly.

TiBCO Spotfire Products

  • Spotfire® Desktop Analytics for Individuals Data mining and visualization on your PC.
  • Spotfire® Cloud - Analytics Software-as-a-Service Data analytics software in the cloud. No installation, no obligations.
  • Spotfire® Platform Analytics for your Organization.