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In programming Ajax/ AJAX refers to a collection of unified web development criteria, which are utilized on the client-section, with the aim of fabricating asynchronous web applications. The most unique aspect of AJAX is that web apps have the capacity of transmitting data to and/or retrieve from a server asynchronously. This process does not in any way interfere with behavior/display of the current web page. Moreover, Ajax developers describe it as a group of technologies, meaning it involves more than one skill. Among the technologies that form AJAX include JavaScript, XML, DOM, and HTML & CSS. For instance, HTML & CSS are for presentation, while JavaScript unifies all the technologies. Ajax development services are aimed at integrating a good number of technologies that will not only improve web access, but ensures the current page state is never interfered with. The above services are provided by Ajax development companies. The best Ajax accessories are provided by FreezePro Software. We at FreezePro Software aim at ensuring that your needs are fully taken care of by providing you with the best version of AJAX.