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Every software web development company has a department with web development team and so have we. ASP.NET still remains very popular among .NET environment and Windows based development (windows based servers) and a big advantage is good development tools, such as Visual Studio. ASP.NET MVC is a new fresh framework developed by Microsoft that is built over MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern and gives the ability to create technologically better solutions and can be used to develop software in a team and agile way better than it was before. Both technologies are used in our projects. Freeze Pro Software provides a lot of development services:  application development, web development, programming, maintenance and support.

Advantages of Using ASP.NET for Web Applicaion Development

Created by Microsoft and released in 2002, has quickly become one of the most in-demand tools for the development of rich web applications, advanced web sevices and dynamic webpages. Yes, ‘’ is still a subject for hot discussions.

Well, you either love it or hate it. If you ask a Java developer is he/she wants to do a dot-net project, the answer would be NO. Yet, there are thousands of enterprise platforms built with, and this technology is booming these days, especially MVC.

What is ASP.NET ?

Active Server is an open-source, server-side framework that is widely used for web application development. This powerful tool has a rich set of useful functions that are highly valued by the IT specialists across the world. Being a part of .NET framework, it enables programmers building outstanding web services, applications and sites using C# , VB, J# and other popular programming language supported by .NET. Coupled with Visual Studio, it allows developers creating compellent web apps.

This .NET framework is used for building a number of web solutions, including:

  • corporate and business sites;
  • web-based apps;
  • Customer Relationship Management;
  • Content Management Systems;
  • social networking websites.

Active Server offers programmers a wide list of advantages. Here are a few most valuable:

  1. Faster and easier development of large applications. This framework requires writing less code, which speeds developing process and therefore reduces app building costs;
  2. Gives ability of cross-platform migration;
  3. Features a built-in Windows authentication which enables building safe and well-secured applications;
  4. Makes deployment easier. Due to the built-in configuration information, there is no need registering components;
  5. Supports many languages and allows using the one that is best suited for your project. At the same time, it enables partition the application across multiple languages;
  6. Simplifies performance of many tasks, including deployment and configuration;
  7. Is regularly updated to come up with the latest technology requirements.

This is only a short list of advantages you will get when choosing this Microsoft’s .NET framework for web application development, especially when it comes to MVC.

Model View Controller is a common architecture for modern web applications that are easy to scale, contribute to and test. In MVC (as in other frameworks like Andgular.JS or Spring) Model is the application core that stand behind its logic.View is just view - it displayed data while Controller handles input and saves it to the database. All components are interrelated and these relations are very easy to track.

Software Development with Freeze Pro Software

Freeze Pro Software has a skilled and experienced team of developers that has been providing offshore software development services since 2006. Such ample experience allows us providing uncompromising development services and delivering flawless custom software solutions developed to suit specific requirements of every client.

Being a customer-oriented .NET development company, Freeze Pro Software places special emphasis on our customers’ needs and wants. We understand that only a tight collaboration with customers allows achieving the desired results. We guarantee that the product will meet your expectations and specs.Timely delivery, highly functional software solutions and affordable costs are only a few of many benefits you will get when choosing us as your partner.

We work with customers all across the world and create cutting-edge software solutions of different complexity. We are ready to execute the most challenging orders and create the best software products and web applications to suit your business needs.