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VB.Net is simply defined as an object-oriented programming language, which is visualized as an improvement of the classic visual basic. There are various versions of VB.Net, which are instigated by the VB team. The first version is visual basic .NET 2002, which operates on .NET context. The second version is visual basic .NET 2003, which was launched along with 1.1 .NET context. The third version is visual basic 2005, which includes a number of features i.e. edit & continue, design-time expression evaluation among others. Other versions include visual basic 2008, visual basic 2010, and visual basic 2012. When compared to HTML original version, HTML 5 has many additional features. Such features are invented by reliable HTML 5 development companies through the expertise of HTML 5 developers. FreezePro Software should be your first stop when seeking for the best HTML 5 version; since we do not just offer our clients what they need, but what they never expected as far as quality is concerned.