15 Reasons Why You Should Hire Outsourcing Developers in Ukraine

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Oleg Mishyn
4 May 2016

Over the last 5-10 years, Ukraine has entered the top of countries, where technological entrepreneurship develops most lively. Outsourcing is currently the biggest IT market segment, which brings competent workers to local and foreign companies. We summed up 15 reasons why it is a wise choice to hire Ukrainian software developers for your project.

1. Ukrainian IT sector outweighs all the European countries by the number of employees

More than 90 000 IT specialists, among whom there are 50 000 software developers, work here. This makes Ukraine the 4th largest IT cluster in the world.

2. Thousands of people in a year get a science degree

Over 36 000 programmers annually graduate In Ukraine. This is equal to the number of young professionals in Western Europe and Asia.

3. There are more than 1 000 IT companies in Ukraine

Ukrainian tech firms work on the Internet and propose the wide range of high-quality services, e.g. web and mobile app development, quality testing, R&D and advisory services.

4. Top world IT corporations create R&D centers in Ukraine

Prominent global market leaders like Boeing, Samsung Electronics, and Wargaming set their R&D centers in Ukraine, and this number has already reached 100.

5. Local IT community develops rapidly

The number of business accelerators, incubators, co-workings and VC funds increases here each year. Such large-scale conferences, as IDCEE, iForum, IT Evolution Meetings etc., and many smaller events offer everything you need for perfect networking.

6. The English language is extremely common within the Ukrainian tech industry

Up to 80% of local IT employees speak fluent English, which spurs the effectiveness of cooperation.

it outsourcing to Ukraine

7. Ukraine is suitable for efficient nearshoring with European countries

The time difference between Ukraine and the rest of Europe is just 1 hour, which allows team members to work side-by-side via the Internet.

8. Country`s location is also great for offshoring with U.S. companies

On average, the Ukrainian and American timezones are 7 hours apart, so it allows effective sharing the busy time.

9. Local software developers offer their services at optimal prices

In Ukraine, you can find more project solutions than in other Eastern and Central European countries. In addition, local programmers will not make you pay more than needed.

10. Working rhythm in Ukraine is synchronized with the Western world schedule

Ukrainian cultural and religious traditions are similar to those in the EU and the USA, so all the main holidays are celebrated simultaneously across these regions.

11. Local IT professionals are open for productive communication

Ukrainians are always excited about working with their counterparts and fully committed to projects they work on. Your success will become their personal achievement.

12. Ukrainian software developers work using various tools

Top 5 programming languages used by Ukrainians are Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, and Python.

13. Over 2 000 startups has been launched in Ukraine by now

The IT boom inspired young entrepreneurs to present their ideas, some of which turned into remarkable projects: Looksery, PetCube, iBlazr etc.

14. Ukrainian companies earn international visibility

In 2014, 3 Ukrainian enterprises (Intetics, Miratech, and Softengi) were included in The Global Outsourcing 100 List of top 5 young companies.

15. Service quality is constantly increasing

Ukrainian teams launch more and more difficult projects in order to attain the global standards of quality. This factor urges IT specialists to grow professionally.

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