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23 April 2017

ReactJS vs AngularJS


As the time goes by, the answer to this question becomes more complicated. If we look at it from the angle of two Javascript libraries, here what we will get: a relatively small ReactJS library for building user interfaces and a comprehensive AngularJS web application development framework. Well, if it was that straightforward, most likely this article wouldn’t exist.

Things are more complicated than they may appear at first partly due to t...

8 September 2016

The Real Cost of Outsourcing Software Development Overseas


Many IT companies can’t resist the temptation to hire the overseas programmers who offer their services at much lower prices than the in-house developers. Those companies that choose to outsource their projects to the cheapest programmers often end up regretting their decision. In most cases, the product they receive isn’t up to the mark. After that unsuccessful experience, they don’t want to deal with outsourcing anymore.

Their main mistake is that they failed to set the...

30 August 2016

6 Key Reasons to Work with ReactJS


Some technologies are useful, but some change our life and work forever. Nowadays, the world of technologies develops continuously and brings us revolutionary ideas. Buried in our business, we usually don’t have much time to test those innovations carefully. This refers to frameworks as well: their number is too large to try them all out. To facilitate your searches for a perfect framework, we wish to outline the 6 main reasons why ReactJS may be the best choice for your projects.

14 August 2016

Pros and Cons of Migrating an ASP.NET Application to Windows Azure


You must have heard a lot about Microsoft Azure. Some people already use it; others are still looking at reviews. It is one of the most popular platforms on the modern market – and for a good reason. Being the backbone of the Microsoft Cloud, it has recently become the fastest growing Cloud Infrastructure Platform in the world. It has a strong Hybrid Cloud capability and successfully operates in 19 regions, including China. Alongside with the Microsoft Cloud, it swiftly adopts the standard...

11 August 2016

Top Famous Sites Built With AngularJS


AngularJS is an advanced modification of HTML for building websites and apps. Launched by Google, this flexible and powerful front-end framework allows you to build applications of any kind and difficulty. It introduces brand-new options for prototyping, data-binding, testing, and handling your products. In fact, dozens of pre-eminent companies have already switched their websites to AngularJS, and today, we would like to tell you about those. Meet our top 28 sites and apps!

9 August 2016

App Store Optimization: How Keywords Boost Your Mobile App


Keywords are indeed a multifunctional instrument that can advance your mobile application if you understand the principles on which the web search works. Initially, you should gather all possible phrases that may refer to your market segment and check out which specific words have the highest efficiency.

There is the two-step strategy for picking up keywords that will fit your product the bes...

9 August 2016

How to Choose Right .NET Development Company


.NET is a rapid and flexible general-purpose framework that matches the latest programming languages and allows asp net development company to design high-quality applications and cross-platform services for web and cloud. Clear and comprehensive, the .NET framework can be applied to both large- and small-scale projects. However, .NET development can become a troublesome assignment for an inexpert team. And that’s when the time comes to focus your attention on outsourcing.

22 July 2016

AngularJS for Startups: Is It Worth It?


If you are looking for the proper JavaScript framework to take your business to a new stage, AngularJS must be the very first thing to which you draw your attention. Why?

JavaScript is a powerful and long-standing product capable of handling the most difficult tasks. AngularJS is actually an advanced framework built on JavaScript. It has already become one of the most preferred tools for constructing web applications of any kind. No wonder that it is widely used by startups.

Just lik...