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1 May 2015

Education Mobile Apps Development


Learning and studying has become a lot easier in the era of “smart” technologies. Mobile devices like, tablets and smartphones and, of course, applications downloaded to these gadgets have changed modern teaching and learning methods once and for ever. Indeed, mobile devices are storming into classrooms all across the world, making teaching and learning a lot more easier interesting and exciting.

Mobile apps for education are available in a huge assortment and are compatible wi...

13 March 2015

The Best Applications Created With Xamarin


Xmaring is a powerful multiplatform Framework. For many IT specialists it is a number one choice when it comes to mobile development. So, it is not surprisingly that a great variety of games and applications are written with this framework. Let’s talk about the most interesting and popular applications written with Xamarin.

Estimote made with xamarin

This application is compati...

31 October 2014

XamarinStructor - a comprehensive Freezepro Software development price calculator for building apps with Xamarin


Starting in Fall 2013 FreezePro Software became a qualified Xamarin development company. Upon finishing a number of projects we realized the necessity to explain the complexity of such projects, pricing policy and possible time costs required to deliver a high-quality product.  

To implement this idea we decided to create Xamarin Constructor, aimed at giving an insight into the questions raised above. It gives ...

19 August 2014

Cloud Based Solution with Microsoft Azure


Switch Automation provides innovative software solutions that help in managing energy usage in buildings in order to reduce energy costs and improve overall returns for property owners. With a thirteen member team that has varied experience in the property sector as well as software development, the company focuses on promoting sustainability in building design in order to reduce carbon foot print and utility costs. The products include all in one turnkey solutions, with meters and sensors capab...

4 March 2014

8th Anniversary


We celebrated the 8th Anniversary of the founding of FreezePro Software. Congratulations to our FPS team with this great milestone for our company!

24 July 2013

FPS Virtual Keyboard


The FPS Virtual Keyboard is an On-Screen Virtual Keyboard with customizable layouts and languages, along with a number of predefined themes. With an increasing number of applications running on touch screen terminals, a keyboard input system is very important to ensure a seamless user experience and higher productivity. A common example of this is the automated checkout terminals, where the user may be required, in addition to select preset options, to type in a code manually.

1 March 2013

Happy 7th Anniversary


On March 1st, FreezePro Software celebrated its 7th birthday since our inception in 2006. The HR and Marketing Manager worked hard on making sure, like all birthdays, FreezePro Software would have a cake. The cake was a big surprise for the entire company. Everyone was presented with a large cake and loved it. Of course, all the good and tasty treats disappeared quickly but many elated emotions and photographs will keep this occasion in our minds for a long time.

19 February 2013

Mind Map


Mind Map is a solution to help you effectively summarize information, structure your thoughts and scope your projects as well as plans. You can build your mind map in just a few quick minutes and get the desired result of reflecting your thoughts in an easily visualized, understandable mind map.

Mind Map is a great way to present your ideas, create a  road map and achieve great results without the hassle of scanning your sketches, combining the use of several software...