XamarinStructor - a comprehensive Freezepro Software development price calculator for building apps with Xamarin

Company News
Oleh Mykhaylovych
31 October 2014

Starting in Fall 2013 FreezePro Software became a qualified Xamarin development company. Upon finishing a number of projects we realized the necessity to explain the complexity of such projects, pricing policy and possible time costs required to deliver a high-quality product.  

To implement this idea we decided to create Xamarin Constructor, aimed at giving an insight into the questions raised above. It gives the possibility to calculate the approximate project price based on filling in a short form where you can specify the details of the project, namely platforms (both mobile and tablet), the desired number of screens, social networks integration, Payments (Stripe API), In App Purchase, Services integration (API/REST), Push Notifications, etc. Moreover, the price includes project development, management and testing.

Follow Xamarin Constructor and you can experience everything on your own. You are able not only to calculate the price of the project there but also to sent us the specification, screen design or mockups of the future applications to be developed since the more information we receive, the better our estimation will be.

We claim to deliver best cross platform approach via Xamarin.

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