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Oleg Mishyn
1 May 2015

Learning and studying has become a lot easier in the era of “smart” technologies. Mobile devices like, tablets and smartphones and, of course, applications downloaded to these gadgets have changed modern teaching and learning methods once and for ever. Indeed, mobile devices are storming into classrooms all across the world, making teaching and learning a lot more easier interesting and exciting.

Types of Mobile Education Apps

Mobile apps for education are available in a huge assortment and are compatible with all major mobile platforms. There are applications for teachers, looking for creative teaching methods, for students, aspiring to get a deeper knowledge of a subject or making studying easier, for parents, helping their young learners and for kids of different ages. In other words, there are apps for people with different interests and hobbies.

Some education programs are designed for personal use, while others can be used by certain groups of people, like a teacher and his students, for example. Such applications (like Learnist) enable teachers engaging more students into a classroom discussion, by turning their mobile devices to answering tools. This is a great way to encourage students and increase their classroom activity. Since present-day youth is fond of using mobile devices, many teachers use this obsession to motivate their students study better and harder.

One more great thing about educational programs is that they can substitute books. Of course, no one is going to discount the importance and value of traditional books, but there are cases when it is better having a compact mobile device, loaded with the information you need, than a pile of heavy books. Due to the use of cloud-based technology, many applications can be used on various devices, which allows students accessing their home assignments or projects they work on, anywhere in the world, provided they have an access to the Internet.

Education mobile apps development has also a positive effect on the online education. Indeed, education apps development has made online education available for a greater number of people and, according to the research made by the Wall Street Journal, makes online schooling a great option even for public schools.

Mobile educational apps unite millions of people, allowing them not just learning but also sharing their knowledge via mobile devices with only a few clicks. In other words, they open new horizons for anyone who has a deep desire for knowledge or wants sharing his/her particular expertise with the rest of the world.

Features of Mobile Education Applications

Mobile education apps are created for various needs and therefore perform diverse functions. Thus, characterising them with one particular set of features is pretty hard. However, there is a certain set of features that is an absolute must for every educational app.

Thus, a decent educational program should:

  • be easy to install
  • have a user-friendly interface
  • be compatible with various mobile devices
  • use cloud-based technology
  • offer a reliable backup processes
  • be up-to-date with current curriculum
  • be regularly updated
  • provide quick and professional customer support (especially in case of a premium/paid version)

Many education apps developers endue their programs with unique features that help distinguish their creations from many other similar applications. This results in a greater popularity of certain programs.

Cross-Platform Development of Education Appa with Xamarin

Any application will have a greater number of users if it is compliant with different mobile platforms, like Android, iOS or Windows. This is where cross-platform application development tools come into play. The use of such tools allows creating software solutions that can be run on various devices and are compliant with multiple mobile platforms. This makes apps development faster, easier and cost-effective.

Developers can choose from a great variety of cross-platform development tools, like PhoneGap, Titanium, Kony, Appcelerator and Xamarin. The latest statistics shows that Xamarin scores over other apps development frameworks. For many IT companies and specialists, Xamarin is the best choice for cross platform mobile development. The main reason of this choice is that Xamarin brings .NET/C# to all major mobile platforms. This powerful tool allows developing native apps for multiple platforms using only one programming language - C#. An absolute code reusability makes it possible to create native UIs for any targeted platform, as the same C# code base can be shared across different platforms.

Xamarin requires writing less code, which results in fewer bugs. Furthermore, testing the app and detecting bugs is possible in the cloud, which means there is no need testing its performance on different devices. Thus, when choosing Xamarin for education applications development, you choose a powerful tool that will allow you creating an excellent solution while not investing much time and effort in its development. Instead, you will develop an app that will be compatible with Google Play and Apple Store distribution requirements and will feel native to any mobile platform it is run on.

Mobile Application Development With Freeze Pro Software

Having 8+ years of experience in developing custom software solutions, we know how to create products tailored to our customers’ needs. We know how to give top-notch services at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of services, including development of web, mobile and desktop applications. To create high-end products and fulfill the needs of every client, we use multiple application development frameworks, including such popular tools like ASP.NET, HTML, Visual Studio and Xamarin.

Freeze Pro Software is now Xamarin Authorized Partner

Our team of skilled developers, with their expertise and complete work dedication is ready to challenge themselves with even the most complicated and creative projects. Apps development for education projects is of special interest for Freeze Pro Software. We are ready to start working on your project from scratch and by taking into account your needs, preferences and feedbacks, will create a well-packaged solution that will satisfy your expectations. Mobile development for edu projects is one of our strongest points and we are ready to prove that by creating a flawless app for you.

If you have any IT project idea, just share your idea with us and we will help turn it into reality. Just get in touch with our consultants or submit a free quote for your project.

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