The Best Applications Created With Xamarin

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13 March 2015

Xmaring is a powerful multiplatform Framework. For many IT specialists it is a number one choice when it comes to mobile development. So, it is not surprisingly that a great variety of games and applications are written with this framework. Let’s talk about the most interesting and popular applications written with Xamarin.


Estimote made with xamarin

This application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Together with small wireless sensors (beacons or stickers) this Xamarin app will give you a completely new mobile experience. Beacons, attached to any object or location, send radio signals to your smartphone and therefore connecting the real-world to your device. Detailed information on how it works you will find on the


Storyo built with xamarin

If you are fond of taking pictures, this app will help turn them into stories. Creating photo-stories is extremely easy with Storyo. Just choose photos by the timeframe and create your story. Storyo is available for Android and iOS and will bring life to your photos. To create your own photo-story visit


BlastOut done with xamarin

This Xamarin app allows creating social networks for any event. This is a great way to attract attention to the approaching event. BlastOut allows adding and sharing photos, inviting new people and chatting absolutely for free. The application is suitable for iOS and Android devices. More info on the


app Skylight done with xamarin

This application will suit the needs of big and small companies looking for an effective solution for creating smart glass applications. Skylight is extremely powerful and easy to use. It makes business management easier and more efficient. It supports a great variety of business areas, where people need to move, monitor, built, fix, install or assemble things. Moreover, the app can be effortlessly integrated with diverse external systems and allows creating custom workflows wherever and whenever you need them. A more detailed information about the app you will find on the


app Cinemark made with xamarin

This Xamarin application is a real catch for movie lovers. Cinemark helps finding showtimes and buying tickets. With this application you will be able to view movie trailers, search movies and read information on different movies. Moreover, it allows sharing showtimes, cinema locations, as well as information about the movie via Twitter, Facebook, text or email. If you are fond of movies, you should definitely try this Xamarin app. Cinemark can be downloaded for Android,Windows Phone, iPhone and Surface. To learn more visit

Hanx Writer

app Hanx Writer created with xamarin

This app is a blast from the past, as it gives an experience of a real manual typewriting. Hanx Writer was created in a tight collaboration with Tom Hanks and gives the real feel, sound and look of an old fashioned type machine combined with the speed and ease of an iPad. To download the app and get a unique typewriter experience visit


topten app xamarin

With Nielsen TOPTEN you have the access to TV shows, movies, apps, products etc. You can check out what other people all over the world watch and buy. Using this app you’ll have up-to-date ratings and sales data right at hand. You’ll be also aware of everything that is hot in the entertainment industry today. Keeping up with the latest trends has never been so simple. Browse through the categories you’re interested in, personalize your top lists by indicating your gender, age, and location, save the items that caught your eye for quick access.



THX tune-up is an app that helps you check and properly adjust your TV, projector, and speakers so that you can enjoy the best quality of your home entertainment system. The app features custom video test patterns, photos, and tutorials to help you adjust the best picture settings on your display in accordance with your room light conditions. Using THX tune-up, you’ll be able to set appropriate aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, color, and tint. If you need to check external speakers to confirm they are in phase and are functioning properly, use special audio tests. See more at



If you’re a keen supporter of a particular athlete or team, you probably want to know the latest news from their careers and lives. Using Sqor Sports app you’ll follow your favorites getting their images, articles, and social media updates straight to your newsfeed. You’ll also get all news and game reviews in one place. Apart from following your favorite athletes, you can also fill in your profile with your postings and share your photos. The app’s aim is to bring the fan and the athlete closer. There are above one thousand professional athletes from every major league signed up for the app. More information at


AVIVA app development

Aviva drive app will come in handy if you’re a driver holding the Aviva car insurance. It can save you up to £150 on your insurance. How does it work? The app has an access to your phone’s GPS and tracks your mileage. After 200 miles of your drive, an individual driving score will be given to you. If your driving was safe, you’ll get 10 points out 10 possible. The application will calculate your personal Aviva Drive discount for safe driving. If you score more than 7.1, you can save an average of £150 on your Aviva comprehensive car insurance. This is how responsible drivers are encouraged.

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