What Are the Benefits of Xamarin Over Other Cross Platform Frameworks for Mobile Development?

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18 March 2015

The number of companies creating different versions of the same apps for the most popular mobile platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iOS has significantly increased in recent years. Thus, Software development companies feel the need of a universal cross-platform tool for mobile application development that will help reduce development costs and time. Basing on the particular requirements, every company can choose from a great variety of cross-platform mobile development frameworks, like Kony, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, iFactr, Titanium and Xamarin.

Statistics shows that a greater majority of developers prefer using Xamarin. The main advantage of Xamarin development services over other mobile development tools is that it allows creating Windows Phone, Android and iOS applications by sharing the same C# code base. Later, Xamarin can be used to detect bugs and flaws in the created app. With Xamarin Test, testing mobile apps is possible in the cloud and on diverse mobile devices. Xamarin Insight is proven to be extremely efficient, when it comes to developing high-quality apps, as it allows monitoring exceptions in the real time. What features make Xamarin a number one choice for mobile development?

Absolute Code Reusability

As already mentioned, Xamarin allows developing applications for the most popular mobile platforms by using the same code base. Xamarin.Forms can be then used for a quick and hassle-free development of native UIs (user interfaces) for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Native user interfaces can be further used by just sharing the same C# code base. In other words, Xamarin Forms help save resources and time needed for the development of similar native UIs for various mobile platforms.

Possibility to Test in Cloud

When working on a cross-platform mobile application, many developers invest much efforts and time to test and evaluate its look, performance and feel on different devices. With Xamarin Test Cloud, detecting flaws and bugs in the app is possible directly in the cloud. Test results, performance metrics and screenshots can be then easily checked and assessed.

Compatibility with MVVM and MVC Patterns

Unlike many other tools for cross-platform mobile development, Xamarin is compatible with major software development patterns like MVVM (Model View ViewModel) and MVC (Model-View-Controller). Model View ViewModel pattern allows creating different projects while using the same code base. Model-View-Controller pattern makes it easier for developers to keep the app logic and its presentation separate. This helps accelerate the process of application development and modification.

No Need to Create Extra Plug-ins

When building apps with Xamarin, developers are able to effectuate on device processing without creating additional plug-ins. Mobile applications done with Xamarin, give a better user experience across various mobile platforms, as these apps are created with standard UI controls. Moreover, such mobile programs are able to access platform-specific functionality, like iBeacons and Android Fragment. Thus, there is no need developing additional plug-ins for device processing.

Suitable for Large and Complex Projects

Unlike other cross-platform mobile development frameworks, Xamarin is suitable for creating large and complex projects. Xamarin is an ideal choice for developing small and also large and more complex projects. Since this tool allows developers writing code using only one programming language, companies are able to scale horizontally while not employing additional IT specialist. Moreover, developers can effortlessly access native Android and iOS Libraries to improve or change their mobile applications. For the development of reliable applications for tablets and smartphones, developers use 3.0 version of Xamarin. It can be used along with Amazon Kindle Fire, Android Wear, Firephone, Google Glas and other high-end mobile devices. The latest version of Xamarin offers a few unique features that make cross-platform mobile development even more efficient and cost-effective for xamarin development company and client.

Xamarin Technology is widely used by Tecordeon for the development of mobile applications. Being an Authorized Consulting Partner of M/S Xamarin, Tecordeon has created a great number of application for Android and iOS devices. The company cooperates with customers representing various business areas, like eCommerce, finance, lifestyle, enterprise, entertainment and media.

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