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23 May 2016

What’s New on Outsourcing Market?


Modern business is dependent on numerous significant features. We are going to focus our attention on the fact that efficient and systematic development is not always possible in-house with an all-sufficient team.

Unfortunately, appropriate facilities and the resources are not always available, no matter how great company’s endeavors are. In this case, the only sensible and reasonably priced method to guarantee permanent growth is to export manufacturing and other supply chain functi...

4 May 2016

15 Reasons Why You Should Hire Outsourcing Developers in Ukraine


Over the last 5-10 years, Ukraine has entered the top of countries, where technological entrepreneurship develops most lively. Outsourcing is currently the biggest IT market segment, which brings competent workers to local and foreign companies. We summed up 15 reasons why it is a wise choice to hire Ukrainian software developers for your project.

12 March 2016

Top 5 .NET based Content Management Systems


A content management system allows publishing, editing, and modifying content as well as maintaining from a central interface. It is a great choice in case if you need to publish a lot of content regularly and keep control over the content on your websites. Likewise, it is an advantageous solution if multiple users need to update sites simultaneously.

We have come up with a top-5 list of .NET based content management systems that can be used to create your website or a web application, and...

1 March 2016

9 Reasons to Use Xamarin


Xamarin platform is great for creating native apps for various platforms on a shared #C codebase. You may found many similar platforms on the market of app development. However, we strongly recommend you to try out Xamarin. Why? We have 9 reasons for that! 1.

Xamarin is integrated with SDKs of all of the different operating systems. If only coded once, it allows you to utilize native controls that exist for the iPad...

26 June 2015

How to Estimate Business App Development Costs


Have you ever thought how much custom mobile application development may cost you? Unfortunately, a valid answer to this question cannot be given, as business application development costs depend on many factors. However, there are a few analyses and estimates that will help you set expectations about the amount of money you will have to shell out for the development of your mobile business app.

12 June 2015

Tips in Choosing Your Nearshore Vendor


The number of companies that decide outsourcing their IT projects to nearshore vendors is quickly surging. It is not a big surprise though, as they are tempted by a wide range of benefits offered by the IT outsourcing: high-quality services, relatively low-cost labour and the ability to access expertise and talent that are sometimes difficult to find inside the country. Just outsource it! This is a common motto for lots of US and European companies. Yes, lots of CEOs and investors still fear ent...

15 April 2015

Top 5 Best Windows Mobile Apps in 2014


A large collection of applications in the Microsoft Store is restocked all the time. Let’s review some of the most popular windows mobile apps of 2014. Who knows, may be any of these will become your must-have app this year. So, lets get started!

With this useful, free app you will never get a souse in a thunderstorm, freeze over or perspire only because you didn’t dress for the weather. Just download Weather Channel on your windows phone ...

26 March 2015

Xamarin Scores Over PhoneGap


Several years ago companies, developing mobile applications, used to have difficult times creating the same applications for different mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows, as each platform has its particular code language and development environment. Learning three completely different programing languages and development environments to create the same app for multiple platforms is not the best option. Hiring several developers is also not a very cost-effective decision. The easiest ...