Top 5 Best Windows Mobile Apps in 2014

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Oleg Mishyn
15 April 2015

A large collection of applications in the Microsoft Store is restocked all the time. Let’s review some of the most popular windows mobile apps of 2014. Who knows, may be any of these will become your must-have app this year. So, lets get started!

The Weather Channel

With this useful, free app you will never get a souse in a thunderstorm, freeze over or perspire only because you didn’t dress for the weather. Just download Weather Channel on your windows phone and all information about a changeable weather will be always at your fingers. The app alerts you about the changing weather conditions about 6 hours in advance and gives the exact time of the foul weather. Saying short, with the Weather Channel, inclement weather will never catch you at a weak moment.


This application is a real catch for avid restaurant goers. It allows booking a table in many popular restaurants. The application has a great interface which makes its use easy and enjoyable. OpenTable allows watching available restaurants in real-time ( whether on a map or in a list) and choosing suitable restaurants by neighborhood, price and cuisine. Moreover it enables users browsing menus and reviews right in the app. Once you find a suitable restaurant, reserve a table without leaving the application. The app is free to download.


Those who want watching YouTube video in a Windows Metro interface, will undoubtedly love this free application. It allow watching stream videos in Full HD, HQ and HD. MetroTube also features video searching and sharing functions and allows customizing the main hub.

Photoshop Express

If you have difficulties mastering Photoshop, and are looking for a user friendly tool to improve photos, Photoshop Express is an ideal choice for you. The app offers basic functions for image editing, like applying filters or contrast adjustments. The app allows removing red eyes, cropping, flipping, rotating and straightening images and has many other useful features. In other words, Photoshop Express will easily meet your basic photo editing needs.


This is a godsend for housewives, caring moms and just for anyone who loves cooking. The app has more than 50.000 recipes, and this database is updated every week. AllRecipes offers an efficient search function that helps finding a recipe to your taste. You can even indicate ingredients you have and get a list of dishes you can cook with these ingredients. AllRecipe will become your personal cooking assistant!

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