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Oleg Mishyn
13 May 2015

Many people have difficult times managing their finances. However, keeping track of daily and/or monthly expenditures is a good way to stick to a budget. Doing regular accounts is a lot easier if you are armed with a finance application. Personal financial applications are available in a great variety and will help manage your finances like a pro.

The latest study shows that over 30% of people spend more money than they actually earn. In other words, their expenditures exceed their incomings. If you belong to this category of people, and want to change things, you cannot avoid the use of a good finance application. This article will help you get a better idea of the finance apps development, their usage and general functions. Hopefully, the listed below information will help you choose the most suitable app for managing your budget.

Financial applications are presented into two main types - simple and complicated. In simple or “manual entry” applications all data about purchases is entered manually. With complicated or “linked apps” there is no need entering expenditures by hand, as these apps are linked to a user's bank account and keep track of all incomings and expenditures of their own accord. You then just monitor how much you spend.

Famous Personal Finance Apps

Here are 5 most popular financial applications developed for personal use:


This is one of the most popular apps among iPhone users. For only $1.99 you will get a powerful and easy-to-use application that will keep track of every penny spent by you. Dollarbird is a calendar-centric app. Information about monthly expenditures is given in the form of charts. The only drawback of Dollarbird is the absence of a synchronization option.

HomeBudget with Sync

Users choose this finance app for its simple and intuitive design. The ease of use is crucial for many people, this is why HomeBudget with Sync is extremely popular among users. It synchronizes the budget in the cloud, which makes budget management a lot more easier and effective. This famous app will cost you $4.99.


This is how a flawless financial application should look like. It has everything you need for an efficient budget management. With Moneywiz you can import all your accounts or create custom accounts. The app synchronises financial data across all of your devices and gives notifications when you exceed the budget in certain categories. You can get this smart financial assistant for $4.99.

Budget Ease

This is one of the newest finance apps for iPhones. This free application is easy to install and has a user-friendly interface. Though the app is free and is a newbie on the iTunes, it seems to be very promising and has quickly get users’ recognition. Budget Ease gives detailed information about all performed transactions.

Level Money

If you you need a little bit more than a usual finance app - Level Money is undoubtedly the best choice for you. This is the most beautiful and cleanest application for budget management. By linking the app to your bank account, you will always have a quick access to your budget balance. Level Money allows checking budget balance on a particular day, month or week.

Please note that the described above applications are for iPhone.

General Features for Personal Finance Apps

Organizing your finances is a lot easier with finance apps. However, it is necessary to realise that not all applications are alike. Though each software solution has its particular set of features, there are functions that are universal for all budget management apps. These features are:

Ease of use

If you are not a guru in financial management, you need an easy-to-use solution that will make all the calculations for you. A good financial app is the one that is easy to install and use. You should have no difficulties with tracking your transactions.

Accurate Reporting

This is undoubtedly one of the most important functions, as reporting gives you a full clear view of your daily, weekly and monthly expenditures. With this information you will always know what you spend your earnings on. Generally, information on the cash flow is demonstrated with graphs or charts.

Security and Archiving

Any sensitive information should be reliably protected from the unauthorized access. Thus, personal, financial and account information should be secured by a password. A reliable archiving and backup processes are also of a great importance, so make sure to check this aspect.

Banking and Bills

Always look for a personal finance app that features various banking tools, like a bill-pay service, online banking and ability to import fiscal information from the the bank. The best financial applications allow managing loans and crediting accounts, checking mortgage accounts and personal savings.

Help and Support

When using a finance app, you need to be sure that you will get quick and professional support any time you face difficulties. Most programs feature a help section, email support system and forums.

Specific Features for Financial Apps

To make their financial apps more functional, some developers enhance the list of general features, by adding a few specific ones. This helps differentiate their creations from other similar solutions and therefore interest more users.

Thus, some apps allow reading receipts and feature mobile payment system integration. With the helps of mobile payment system integration, you can make payments via the phone. One more useful feature is taxes management. With this function you can easily estimate your incomings and tax withholdings, as well as discover missed deductions.

Monetization of Finance Apps

Companies creating free budget management solutions, need to generate some profit from their apps, otherwise they will not be able to survive and support their programs. Monetization is one of the best ways to gain income.

The most popular monetization options are banner advertising and account upgrades. If used wisely, banner advertising gives good results. A good way to make users upgrade their accounts to paid versions is to send unobtrusive email notifications describing the advantages and additional features of an app’s paid version.

Custom Development Of Finance Apps With FreezePro Software

Freezeprosoftware has 8+ years of experience in developing custom desktop, web and mobile applications. All products created by Freezeprosoftware developers are highly prized by our clients and we take a great pride in that, as customer satisfaction is our primary target.

Custom mobile application development is one of our strongest points. Our skilled developers are keen on developing apps for all popular mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Cross-platform development is also in the huge list of our services. To provide our clients with premium applications we use only the most powerful and efficient mobile development tools, like Xamarin. We are proud to inform that FreezePro Software is now an official Xamarin partner. Using this efficient cross-platform development tool our developers have created lots of top-grade apps and finance applications are among them. To take a closer look at these applications, please check our portfolio.

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