9 Reasons to Use Xamarin

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Oleg MIshyn
1 March 2016

Xamarin platform is great for creating native apps for various platforms on a shared #C codebase. You may found many similar platforms on the market of app development. However, we strongly recommend you to try out Xamarin. Why? We have 9 reasons for that! 1.

1. It has a shared code base.

Xamarin is integrated with SDKs of all of the different operating systems. If only coded once, it allows you to utilize native controls that exist for the iPad, Android or Windows. It also makes possible to share the code by including linked files, conditional compilation, and portable class libraries. In addition, it allows shortening the time of development and save a lot of money be providing developers with reusable codes (we will talk about it later).

2. Fast and furious.

You no longer have to use each platform’s native development environment! Xamarin gives you a chance us to code application logic once and then share it across both iOS and Android. Just imagine instead working once in Java for Android then implementing the same logic for a second time in Objective-C for iOS, you write the code once and then basically share it. A lot of time is left for adding special features instead of coding. 

3. It works with Visual Studio.

You might have already had a pleasant experience of working with Visual Studio, possibly the most efficient integrated development environment. Using Xamarin with Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio, you are getting all the advantages of modern and powerful IDEs, which helps improve a development process, simplify development, and support process.

4. It has less to learn.


To start using Xamarin, you need a mere knowledge in .NET and #C. It provides a complete implementation of C# and incredibly thorough implementation of the .NET class libraries. However, if you are not that experienced, the time you spend for learning is shortened, by far. Its cross-platform usage simplifies the process of acquirement. Android and iOS normally require the use of two separate programming environments: Java and Objective-C respectively.

5. It allows keeping Native UI in every project.

Using Xamarin technology allows you to keep Native UI across all three platforms, therefor preserving Native Performance while enjoying full API coverage, shared codebase and application logic. As well, it provides you with reusable teams, tools, and code itself.

6. It does not limit developing process.

android iosBoth Android and iOS have UI and SDK features that are distinct to each platform's appearance and behavior. These features determine the fact that iOS applications look and feel like iOS application; same with Android applications. Xamarin allows saving the unique feeling of both platforms in a process of cross-platform development.

7. It comes with Test Cloud.

Aside from developing apps, you can also test them on more than 2,000 real devices in the cloud. It allows you to find bugs before you ship with automated tests running on the devices your customers use. Basically, you can test everything a user might use. As well, it reveals performance difficulties on any OS automatically with systematic memory and performance tracking. Talking about bugs…

8. It minimizes bugs.

xamarinXamarin can thoroughly make you come across fewer bugs and mistakes in coding. Why is it so? Because you simply write half as many codes! Likewise, greater test coverage reduces error. Any given project has a limited amount of time available for testing. Rather than spending that time writing two sets of largely duplicate tests, we can write a single, more comprehensive set of tests that validate the code for both platforms.

9. It is open for innovations.

That is a great opportunity for developers to innovate with Xamarin. Xamarin.iOS supports Apple Watch and Xamarin.Android supports Google Glass devices. By using Xamarin, the Android SDK and GDK, you can leverage the array of Xamarin and Android APIs and design a great experience for Glass as well as Xamarin iOS Watch Kit API for Apple Watch and Android wear.

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