Mobile App Development Trends: what you must be ready for in 2016

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Oleg Mishyn
15 May 2016

Discover the top 12 mobile app market trends outlined by ChromeInfo Technologies, a company that operates in Mobile App & Web Development and Software Testing!

#1 iOS vs. Android

The great battle between two market giants, iOS and Android, will not cease in the nearest future. The survey done by Firm IDC tells us that in 2015, the market shares of Android and iOS constituted 82.8% and 13.9 % respectively. Looks like the latter will fight desperately to even the score!

#2 Mobile Payments on Height

The number of online transactions done by mobile services is growing. In 2017, up to 50% of customers will abandon using standard PCs to buy things in the Internet. Apple Pay launched in 2014 gains popularity; Samsung Pay is about to kick off in the USA in 2016. Who’s next?

#3 Messaging Apps Climb Up

messaging apps

Messaging is probably the fastest and easiest way to communicate. Experts from Pew Research Centre claim that such apps are endorsed by 36% of smartphone users around the world. In 2016, this amount will reach 22 125 billion people.

#4 Wearable Technologies

Surely, your style cannot be perfect without proper devices. Fashionable clothes or jewelry are no longer enough to express your true nature, time to pick some trendy electronics! This is obvious to app developers as well, so they will present more and more related products.

#5 Location-based Wi-Fi on a Roll

The boom of beacon and location-based online services will bring completely new opportunities for location awareness and interaction with customers.

#6 Integration with Cloud Technology

Just like in 2015, Cloud Tech will continue being the core market segment. Not only serious corporations, but dozens of startups work hard to upgrade and extend the possibilities of this type of apps.

#7 Power of Internet of Things

internet of things

It seems like IoT will go through the most radical changes just in a couple of years. By 2019, it is supposed to turn into the biggest sector of the global app market.

#8 Rise in Enterprise App

Today, almost 35% of large companies already use their exclusive app development platforms. This actually means that 42% of developers get $ 10 000 monthly. Not bad!

#9 Swift – Language to Take Over

An innovative programming language for Apple platforms, Swift wonderfully matches any application and enables you to write an expressive code.

#10 Major Focus on User Experience

Thanks to flourishing rivalry between tech firms, the value of client loyalty constantly increases. This means that user experience and customer satisfaction will hold managers` attention this year.

#11 More Cross-Platform Tools

The overwhelming variety of modern devices makes working on single platforms archaic. In contrast, cross platforms are certainly favored, and this tendency will grow in 2016.

#12 App Security

Do you know that 75% of mobile apps have failed basic security tests this year? It must be an undeniable problem for developers to consider.

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