Top Famous Sites Built With AngularJS

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Oleg Mykhaylovych
11 August 2016

AngularJS is an advanced modification of HTML for building websites and apps. Launched by Google, this flexible and powerful front-end framework allows you to build applications of any kind and difficulty. It introduces brand-new options for prototyping, data-binding, testing, and handling your products. In fact, dozens of pre-eminent companies have already switched their websites to AngularJS, and today, we would like to tell you about those. Meet our top 28 sites and apps!

1. YouTube for PS3

In other words, the YouTube app for Sony PlayStation 3 is built with the AngularJS framework. YouTube itself barely needs any long introduction – this is a billion-user video hosting and sharing platform acquired by Google. The website gathers massive audience all over the world and plays the key role in online media.


This is actually the online version of a US forecast channel (The Weather Channel). Launched about 20 years ago, it is now available on various devices. The service is famous for its highly accurate forecasts all around the globe.

3. GoodFilms

A social network specialized in cinematography: it supports the functions of movie rating, as well as posting and sharing reviews. Moreover, it helps you find movies on various online services. The mobile version of the website is made with AngularJS.


Outsourcing now has become the basic way to perform tasks and earn money; no wonder so many freelancer hiring platforms boosted. is one of the world-leading outsourcing websites, where you can set projects of different kinds, find employees or get a job.


The company operates in the fields of media and entertainment and provides Internet streaming media and on-demand video. The enterprise started with delivering DVD by mail, but now it also distributes content online.


This is another online freelance platform that offers millions of vacancies and introduces professional employees. Here you can find top freelancers and projects, conduct interviews, and interact with specialists.


The website has been launched for actual AngularJS learning online: thematic free courses, tutorials, and case studies are available here. You can master the basics and learn all the uses and functions of Angular with this service.

8. iStock Photo

It is a royalty-free microstock photography, video, and audio provider using a micropayment business model. Besides, the stock delivers vector and raster graphic designed in various programs. Acquired by Getty Images, the service built its main page with Angular JS.


The company is one of the eminent low-cost airline services in the USA and operates in a number of other countries (in Caribbean, Latin America, and South Africa).


Like other industries, e-commerce goes to AngularJS too. Lands` End is a retailing platform specialized in casual clothing, accessories, luggage, and home furnishings.


WikiWand is a top Wikipedia reader offering a brand-new interface with a sidebar menu and navigation tools.


This is a platform which allows you easily build and develop custom mobile applications for Android and iOS. Apart from other functions, it gives you excellent opportunities for mobile marketing.

13. Vevo

This is another video hosting service available in nearly 200 territories. Unlike YouTube, it is dedicated to music. VEVO contains and shares video clips distributed by the world-renowned labels. Billions of users visit the website in a month, and this number is growing.

14. Localytics

A large business analytics company provides a marketing platform for web and mobile. The service allows users to create personalized profiles for tracking customer insights and work out promo campaigns. Among clients of the service, there are such market giants as Microsoft, eBay, SoundCloud, HBO, and many others.

15. Crunchinator

Crunchinator is a project developed by Cloudspace, a company operating in web and mobile. This fast and convenient tool enables you to explore and sort the data from Crunchbase. We believe, it is a great solution for startups and those who are keen on innovations.

16. Balance Projector

Balance Projector is another web app built with AngularJS. The real-time personalized service helps you supervise, manage, and plan your finances.

17. ZapTravel

It is a website belonging to a global travel company. With ZapTravel, you can always find the best apartments, activities, and flights to book. The company works with more than a hundred providers and publishes updates on a regular base.

18. Sky Store

It is a multimedia pay-per-view app powered by Sky UK Limited. The platform allows users to rent movies and TV shows. You can watch content by streaming online and on the TV, as well as on Android, iOS, Roku, and Youview.


MSNBC is a cable and satellite TV channel originated in the USA American and available in Canada, South Africa, and the Middle East. The channel itself covers political events, and a new interface made with AngularJS helps you always be up to date.

20. Corabbit

It is a cloud service for effective collaboration for people working in creative marketing and design. Using it, you will easily handle tasks together, as well as store and share information on your projects.

21. Mealshaker

MealShaker is a mobile app designed for iPhone users. If you don’t know where to dine, this simple service might help you find interesting places nearby, try new meals, and share your content with friends. All you have to do is to shake your phone.

22. DoubleClick by Google

This company kicked off 20 years ago and is now a world leader in Internet advertising. DoubleClick was acquired by Google in 2007. It provides a platform to create, share, and handle digital ads throughout the planet. Among its partners, there are MySpace, General Motors etc.


It is a social gaming platform that unites people in different points of the Earth. Made as a web app, allows spending your leisure time in your very own way.

24. Posse

This app gives you plenty of travelling options: you can explore new destinations in any corner of the globe, post and share recommendations, and keep together the places you would like to visit. Moreover, it allows you to join some groups of people going to the same attractions.

25. MallZee

MallZee helps you go shopping online: search for particular brands, follow the newest fashion tendencies, and find outfits that will perfectly fit you. If you have any doubts about items to buy, you can use the app to ask a friends` opinion.

26. The Guardian

The prominent British newspaper went online just several years ago but is already one of the most-visited online press websites. It is built according to the latest web development trends and works as a proper AngularJS application.

27. PayPal

Indeed, this is one of the top online payments systems. PayPal operates with over 20 currencies and facilitates financial transactions in more than 200 countries.


This is another Angular JS application for a famous toy manufacturer. Initially, the goal of this project was the promotion of Star Wars mini-series: it allowed users to create interactive posters.

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