6 Key Reasons to Work with ReactJS

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Oleg Mykhaylovych
30 August 2016

Some technologies are useful, but some change our life and work forever. Nowadays, the world of technologies develops continuously and brings us revolutionary ideas. Buried in our business, we usually don’t have much time to test those innovations carefully. This refers to frameworks as well: their number is too large to try them all out. To facilitate your searches for a perfect framework, we wish to outline the 6 main reasons why ReactJS may be the best choice for your projects.

1. Smart componentization

ReactJS takes programming to the next level: it enables you to create elements accordingly to your own goals and needs. You can freely configure those and install to the product you work on. Moreover, there is a function of the multiple uses of your stuff. With this technology for generating custom components, your productivity boosts for sure.

2. Excellent performance

ReactJS features virtual DOM to store your components. It is actually connected to real DOM, which means all the changes made are instantly transferred to the DOM tree. As the consequence, all your files are brought up-to-date automatically. Indeed, ReactJS saves you a ton of time and money.

3. Great for SEO

In fact, the large-scale JavaScript applications have problems with being read by the search engine. Unlike all the previous frameworks, ReactJS runs just on the server. As a result, your browser can render virtual DOM like a web page.

4. Increased JavaScript efficacy

Working with ReactJS, you will have a choice: to write codes in JavaScript or to test a brand-new syntax – JSX. What is special about it? JSX enables you to combine plain JavaScript with HTML, which promotes your writing numerous times. The syntax uses a JSXTransformer that converts bits of HTML into functions.

5. Extra tools available

ReactJS represents not only an innovative approach to creating elements and writing codes but also brings tools for debugging your applications much faster and easier. Meet the official ReactJS extension for Google Chrome! Once you install it, you become able to monitor virtual DOM just like a DOM tree.

6. Powered by Facebook developers

Did you know that ReactJS was designed by Facebook? Initially, they launched it for managing their own tasks. However, the performance of this product was so amazing that they decided to make it open. That’s why we now use a huge number of popular sites (like Instagram and New York Times) built with ReactJS.

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