How to Choose Right .NET Development Company

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Oleg Mykhaylovych
9 August 2016

.NET is a rapid and flexible general-purpose framework that matches the latest programming languages and allows asp net development company to design high-quality applications and cross-platform services for web and cloud. Clear and comprehensive, the .NET framework can be applied to both large- and small-scale projects. However, .NET development can become a troublesome assignment for an inexpert team. And that’s when the time comes to focus your attention on outsourcing.

In case if your company lacks workforce or experiences financial difficulties, outsourcing software development company can help you by reducing the expenses and providing you with a team of professionals. It makes more sense to pay for the certain services rendered to your company instead of hiring new employees to pay them on a fixed basis. However, choosing a right team to outsource your .NET project is not that easy. Here are some factors you need to take into consideration while looking for a ASP.NET development company.

1. Vendor’s experience.

Check the experience of the outsourcing team before you hire it. And we are talking not only about references and reviews. You need to search for the projects this company worked on and find out how it worked out. Use other sources than company’s official site – the external recommendations will be more authentic. You need to get an experienced vendor to run your project smoothly. Otherwise, it’s going to be a huge waste of time and money. You may also contact the clients who referred this team for verification. It may be useful to check if this company won any national or international awards – it means a lot in IT development industry.

2. Multitasking

It’s a rather good idea to find a team that provides multiple services. You may need some testing, deployment, and support services right after the development. If you hire a single team that can fulfill all the aforementioned tasks, there are good chances that you will get a better outcome. It’s much easier to coordinate these stages of development within one group of specialists. Your .NET outsourcing partner should also be able to build both web and mobile application so you can share your product on multiple platforms cost-efficiently.

3. Communicative skills and management tools

Communication is indeed the most problematic issue related to outsourcing development. You need to seek a team that prefers performable communicative practices. Moreover, your vendor should always be ready to adapt changes as .NET development workflow can frequently undertake adjustments. A proper management is significant for an outsourced project. You need to find a company that will guide you in every step of development process. It will help you create the best product.

4. Intellectual property protection.

Unfortunately, intellectual property rights are often not taken too seriously when you work with outsourcing developers. You meet with multiple firms which provide asp net development services, trying to find connection and proper comprehension of your thoughts and, therefore, share ideas and projects with them. To protect your prospective outcome, you need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when you start working on a project, or else you can easily become a victim. Be careful and protect your ideas!

After choosing a proper development team, you need to ensure your project is built in a proper atmosphere, which includes:

1. Strong project management

A project manager should be involved in every phase of your project to plan, organize and control every step of the team. In this case, his or her particular integration in the process is overall necessary. However, intruding or interfering the process is an unwanted practice.

2. Deep requirements analysis.

Just imagine how many separate methodologies and approaches can be implemented during a .NET project development. That’s why it’s significant to initiate an in-depth requirements analysis. It will ensure that the final product fully matches your needs and expectations.

3. Proper communication channels.

No matter if you work with an dot net outsourcing company or with an in-house development team, you need to create appropriate communication channels and define the regalement of your communication. You might need to get as much information as you assume is necessary – from none to the full package of reports. Tailoring a suitable communicative plan is, without doubts, the most problematic yet significant phase of pre-production.

4. Quality control.

It’s good to have a project manager that controls the entire lifecycle. However, you might need to involve an independent quality assurance consultant to make sure that the potential outcome hits all standards and requirements. Don’t think of it as a mistrust – it’s business, and you need to do your best to be successful.

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